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I am so fucking bored and fucking mad right now.

God...thanks to Jana, my icon making mood has been ruined. Blah. I just asked her: "Don't send me chainmails cause I find them stupid and pointless things that clog up my email box." and then she sends me something back with a touch of the ol' attitude that ended a friendship that went nowhere anyway. Thank god I didn't stick with her, otherwise I'd be a mean bitchy hoe obsessed with Johnny Depp and not Jack Davenport and extremely homophobic instead of a slasher...ewww...scary thoughts...

Some wonderful person (medelle) was kind enough to make me some screencaps of Jack Davenport from the Talented Mr. Ripley and POTC. Now..if my brother had been nice enough to install a DVD player on my comp, I would be able to do them myself. But thank you for medelle for making those caps for me when I asked you to and making more when I needed more.

What kind of an Easter is this?

Mums at work so I'm starving. And its freaking easter....wait...nevermind, she cooked spaghetti. It tasted retarded but its food. Better than most sunday dinners.

Brians coming over tommorow. Yayyies...finally. Its always "Hockey night with andy" or "hockey night with phil"...why is it never "Jack night with Reiny"?

I've drabbled in obscure pairings slash. Guess the pairing..


You don't know? I'll tell you. Tom Felton/Jack Davenport what better thing to do than pair the two hottest british guys together and make them shag??...other than screw them yourself of course...

Unfortunately, I got the email with the url for the screencaps and I made iconses instead.

Its easter and I'm watching the FIFTH ELEMENT and "that thing you do."....shouldn't it be like jesus christ night. Oh well...I spent the day watching little bios on Mel Gibson, Jim caviezel and the passion of the christ.

Hehe...I remember my comp having a heart attack this morning. Lol...since the z and the x keys don't work. I have to use the on screen keyboard. I pressed shift at the same time and my comp started shaking and having a stroke. >.< it was scary...

I suck...

::sigh:: I think I'll go try to write the tom/jack so I can do something with it before I go back to Morgan with the shitload of homework.
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