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I don't care

I am so fucking pissed at Alex Noussis at the moment. I don't care if you like her! I don't care if you think that shes going to get hurt! Its not my place to tell her that she should break up with him cause he's a fucking perverted ass freak.

Heres the scoop. This guy Alex is really upset that his friend Rachel is going out with my "ex" Derek. He says that Cooper is just using her. I agree. I told him the reason why I am still mad and upset at Cooper. Now he wants me to tell Rachel that so that he won't get hurt.

FOr the past 2 days I've been trying to convice this anal pain hanging around that its not my place to say anything.

I don't care what happens to her. I just don't care. The three of us have gone to same school since the 5th grade. Alex and I have been friends for years now, but all Rachel has ever done is stick her nose up at me. SO I don't care.

besides, I haven't spoken to derek since we "broke up". And that was what? Last year august?

God. Its not my place to say anything. Besides, If I say anything she'll say: "You are just bitter cause Derek broke up with you when he was your only ticket to popularity."......I dont want fucking popularity. And the only reason why I fooled around with Derek cause: A) suffering rejection from Michael B) I was bored cause adrienne wasn't there to finish our project.

WTF, Kika just added me...God.

Her: r u reina?
me: go figure
her: i've never seen you before
me: im the black haired girl hanging around brian
her: oh.rite.I don't like your attitude.

Believe it or not, shes the smartest girl in the school and spelled attitude wrong originally. God. Attitude my ass.

Fucking Frenchies.
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