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Boone/Jack fanfic - oh the angst!

In errr - light (or is it dark) of Boone's impending death. I wrote a little Jack/Boone angsty ficlet. This is mostly for Rosa. But anyone who wants to read it can. Its not edited so there are probably a lot of mistakes since grammar was never much of a friend anyway. Spoilers from Epi 19 obviously.

Jack had asked him to stay with him the night beforeCollapse )

So yeah - I better go now. I had a dentist appointment but Ange and I were gonna rehearse but the bitch bailed on me. So basically, we're screwed for tommorow. God that girl doesn't understand that I need to pull up my marks.

As for the cinderella play, Adam has the flu. Possibility of him not coming for rehearsal tommorow - highly likely. TTC going on strike - highly likely. Chances of most of the classes getting to school if the TTC strikes. highly unlikely.

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