April 18th, 2004

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I saw Coupling last night with Jack. Thank god to my mom coming home at 11 asking if she could use the computer...otherwise I wouldn't have gotten off my lazy ass and turned it on. I was bored and remember that coupling was on every saturday night. n_n baby shows like arthur in the morning and raunchy british shows with lesbians, gays, lock obsessors and toilet-phobic people. Jack was hilarious: "You told her sally was a lesbian?" and I heard that same: "what??" from that sparrington audio file that was made some time back over at the sparrington community. Steve has an obsession with doorlocks and man space. He spent about 5 minutes lecturing his guests that the bathroom is the only little square of "man space" and how he doesn't get potpourri.

LOl, I made an icon of Kate Bosworth last night. It started out as a little joke with Yassie because she hates her. But shes pretty hot. I was looking for pictures of Kate and found a gorgeous one. Shes so sexy...Do you think she'll ever go bi or lesbian? Thatd be really hot to see her with another girl.

Jack/Steve: Do you know that there is a difference between real lesbians and low quality lesbian porn?
The other dude (the toilet-phobic guy): You don't know that
Jack: What?

I'm watching a show about celebrities and their star signs...says Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom would go well with a Taurus like me...

Pieces (or however it is spelt) doesn't go with me...and thats what Jack is.

Astrology is a load of crap but there are times when its pretty accurate. But what I don't get is that there must be millions of people who share astrological signs and the same things are supposed to happen at the same time. That is somehow not right.

Lina made a good point, lj is starting to die down. Before I would get a shitload of posts on my friends thing and now theres hardly any.

Ah well....I'll have to wait another week to see the next coupling. And the damn show is only half an hour >.<

So I went to bed after watching coupling only to have my night ruined by my sister and my mother who yelled at me for being an irresponsible bitch. I know I am but its not my fucking fault if I was too busy to check on Tomo every 2 minutes to see if shes awake and wants to have fucking dinner. I dont even want her here. And my parents need to understand that I'm growing up and I'm not a little girl anymore. If I say things that you find inappropriate or I'm sarcastic, thats just me growing up. And then they slap me with a reply that goes something like: You weren't like that when you were younger. Whats come over you?


Of course I wasn't like this when I was younger. When I was younger I had no idea who I was and I was young. Little kids don't speak their minds.

They wish I acted like I did when I was younger but they yell at me everyday telling to me to grow up.

Please...get with the times people...change is constant, I'm not the little girl dragging a tiffany doll anymore.
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