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Okay two things,

I hate it when people go on to read something, not read the warnings and then bash the author for it...

Second. Would anyone like to BETA my poor little sucky obscure pairing fic that was developed while Brian raided all my food?

Title: How to lose friends and alienate people-PWP
Pairing: Jack Davenport/Tom Felton
Rating: well going to be R if I decide to continue. PG-13 for a wee bit of language.
Summary: Jack and Tom meet at a showing of Jacks show with the same title.
Disclaimers: I don’t know Jack Davenport and Tom Felton. If I did, They’d be tied up in a chair in very light bondage.
Authors Notes: This is the raw form. Not beta-ed. I don’t actually know these places, never been to England before. I just read the little article on the show. I’ve never seen the show either, obviously.
Setting: May of 2004 (future fic)

Tom stepped down from his trailer to find Daniel sitting on the metal steps, grinning up at him like a child being offered sweets.

“What are you doing there?” Tom asked, raising an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Oh, um, I was,” Daniel got up slowly, brushed dirt away from the back of his costume and smiled again. “I was hoping to catch you before you took off. I wanted to ask you something.”

“K, hang on,” the blonde boy dropped his duffle bag on the ground, leaning back against the wall. He looked around to check if the coast was clear, drew out a cigarette, lighted it and took a drag. “Shoot.”

Dan’s nose crinkled up as the scent of burning menthol filled his nostrils. Coughing a little, he said: “I have two tickets to a live theatre show. Problem is, I’ve got no one to go with. I was wondering if you wanted to tag along and watch it with me.”

“Hmm…”another drag. “What show?”

“Its called: “How to lose friends and alienate people”-or something like that.” Answered Dan.

“Why don’t you just ask Elijah to go with you? He’s here in London isn’t he?”

“Actually, Elijah bought these tickets, said that Orlando recommended the show, something about costarring with the lead. Elijah and I were suppose to go, but something came up, and he had to do something. Yeah, something came up and he had to leave the U.K.”

“I see,” Tom took another, even longer drag at the cigar before crushing it with the balls of his feet on the ground. “Where is it…and when?”

“Erm, hang on,” Dan dug into his Hogwarts robes and produced two blue and green tickets. “Well, the show starts at 7:00 pm. Its down at the Soho Theatre down at Dean Street in London. There’s a café near there. We could meet there at around 6 o’clock. So what do you say mate?”

“Why so early?” Tom asked, grabbing his bag and throwing it over his shoulders.

“The tickets are marked for backstage passes too. I guess Elijah wanted a look around. We could just hang out backstage, watch the crew and the actor preparing, get autographs that kind of thing.”

Tom scoffed, “I see enough of the entertainment business in this fucking place.”

“Well, we could just…I don’t know. It’ll be fun. What do you say? Please?”

“Sure, I’ve got nothing better to do with my time anyways.”


“Well, that was an interesting experience,” Tom remarked, dragging a made over Daniel by the ears away from the make up chairs.

“But, it was…I was starting to look pretty…and they had sparkly glitter!” Dan protested.

“Borrow some from Emma when we get back to the set…or some from Rupert for that matter. The shows starting in 5 mins. We have to get our seats.”

“Fine, just let me get all of this face powder from my face, there are photographers outside. Someone tipped off I was coming to the show. Fucktards those paparazzi men, the lot of them,” Daniel turned away and headed for the boys room to “remove” the make up.

Laughing, Tom continued on his way, not watching where he was going and soon bumped into someone. He would have been knocked off balance had the man not caught him.

“Watch your step man!” Tom growled.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking…” a husky voice apologized.

“Well you should-oh.” Tom looked into sparkling emerald eyes. The man was tall, just a little taller than himself. His mousy brown hair tousled, his glasses askew, his black pinstripe suit crinkled purposely. Damn, he was gorgeous too.

“Well, hello there,” he said, studying Tom, smiling a little now.

“Hi…I, I’m Tom,” Tom said, offering a handshake.

“I’m Jack,” replied Jack. Looking down at his watch he grimaced and said: “I’ll watch my step from now on. But I have to go, um; it was nice meeting you, Tom. You’ll see me, but I don’t I’ll see you.”

“Huh?” Tom found himself staring after Jack’s back.

“Tom! There you are!” shouted Dan over the growing crowd of crewmembers and stage directors. “Come on you bastard. The shows on in a second!”

He nodded and pushed his way to his friend, finding his seat near the middle.

“Where were you?”

“I was, uh, I was talking to someone.”

“Hmm…well, was he hot?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re beaming, he must have been hot.”

Tom grinned a little, blushing, “Course he was hot. Now shush.”

The opening theme began to play, the black curtain open and out stepped a man, talking furiously to his cell phone, shouting at the receiver. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?”

The show went on for a few minutes, but Tom hardly noticed what was going on, until Dan noticed his starry eyed look and nudged his shoulder with his elbow. Tom rolled his eyes at him and flicked his eyes skittishly at the screen. What a surprise that was.

Up on the stage, the handsome man he had met before was sliding in and out of various characters, changing his voice, and his body language. Staring wide-eyed, Tom watched as Jack paced around the stage, shouting, sighing, screaming and humming. Then Jack was right up in front of them and they looked at one another. Jack grinned a little and went back into his roles.

Tom pulled out the showcase guide and looked at the cast list. There was only one person listed and that was Jack. Jack Davenport as eccentric former “Vanity fair” editor: Toby Young.

Twisting slightly in his seat to watch his friend, Daniel asked: “What’s the matter Tom? You look like you’ve seen Mr. Universe!”

“That’s cause I have.”

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