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I want everyone to help me-vote on

Finally, the internet works again. I suffered for about 2 hours and then I realized I could surf the net through Kazaa. But its like slow and all and it stops occasionally.

Anyways, because of *recent* bashing done by an anonymous person, I'm considering about making this journal is Friends only. But the thing is I've tried it before, for some reason I don't really like the idea. Until I got those super rude comments about the Tom Felton/Jack Davenport fic I posted.

So I'm considering making this journal "Friends only" to save my life.

Heres a little poll:

Should I make this lj friends only?

Just ban anonymous posting
Do whatever you think is best. I dont really care cause I've never replied in your lj before

Finnally. Just give your answers there.

Despite the anti evanescence conversations that I've had with Yassie today, I downloaded two new Ev songs: BEfore the dawn and Fields of innocence. I really like Fields of innocence:

I still remember the world
From the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings
Were clouded by what I know now

Where has my heart gone
An uneven trade for the real world
I want to go back to
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all

I still remember the sun
Always warm on my back
Somehow it seems colder now

Where has my heart gone
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
I want to go back to
Believing in everything

[Latin hymn]

Pretty lyrics no? Somewhat pointless but oh well.

Hmm...Poetry test tommorow. Shoot me now.

One last thing. I really really really really really really really miss Nancy (poisondreams) I haven't talked to her in over 3 weeks. Hopefully she'll be on one day.

AND BTW! Yassie, I checked out the channel airing british coupling on saturdays....hehe...kid shows during the day, raunchy british shows by night.

My sisters bugging me, gotta be off
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