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Chocolate soup

Never eat moms chocolate soup thing while reading Sparrington. Just don't. Especially if you have to go to school/work after cause it gets chocolate all over you.


James talking pirate talk n_n...

n_n...okay...why do I keep using that???

Poetry test today >.< Migration unit test today >.< fuck both of them to hell and back. >.< I don't even have a cinquin to do it on.

I feel like writing something, but writing what? I could continue that sparrington fic: anywhere. Ah well. I better be heading on out to school. I have to take my alto sax to school. The playing test piece is too hard. YAYYIES!!!!!! I can play the O Canada song without messing up on the eigth notes. The good thing about that song is that the rhythm has been drilled into my brain every single school day since the 4th Grade. I was just playing it while singing it in my head. Kum bah ya too...save I can't play the harmony.

Some anonymous person replied and said they loved my Jack Davenport icons even though I think they suck. She also says that she wont steal Jack from me cause he's mine. Don't worry, thats just something I say to calm myself down.

SHit..late for school.
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