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Jack is the most gorgeous man in the world.

This was literally the best day of my life, (cept for the fact that mom is now extremely mad at me)

When I got home from school, I went on to find Nancy online. Yay. I was very excited and we talked but then I realized my computer was retarded again so I had to fix that. Thanks Nancy for the help btw. Nancy is probably one of the nicest people I've ever come across. She asked me if I wanted to have my paid account renewed as a b-day present. Of course I do. Thank you so much.

AYan was in happy mood and printed me out some Jack photos. Yayyies. But then she left, and I found the most gorgeous pics of Jack


When I saw these pics I was hyperventalating

This man is too gorgeous he should be censored or something.

I was reading a longer bio thing and came across something: Jack loves to go to Gay bars but is not gay. Frankly, gay bars offer the best music. ANd that he takes his best friend Andrew lincoln there even though andrew was afraid to. Jack loves gay bars! HEHE....I have to visit a gay bar in london one day, who knows, I might spot Jack making out with some guy. Thatd be heaven.

IF you have the heart and the kindness and the niceness? get me a little piccy of the first and 3rd pic hmm?

Hehe...i got stalked by a person. That person in lj who friended me. She stalks people.

Jack is so freakin hot

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