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Thanks for more Jack pics Ayan. I dunno where Jack and I would be without you n_n

Watched Potc again today, cause Peter Smith Kingsley was taken away. Mum thinks that Jack Davenport is okay looking but then ran off scared after I showed her the pics of him on my school planner. o.O

Argh. I had the health test today. Ask me about having sex. Don't ask me about abstaining from it. >.<

Bruce Almighty is a fucking fucked up movie man.

OOOH...remember the 5 horny British boys yesterday with the webcam. Yesh, the kid stuffed the webcam down his pants...unfortunately I didn't see anything. It was too dark. And then the two boys started getting naked and then the other boy started rubbing the other kid. And they called me a faggot. Anal pains.

I found a new fave word: Anal pain.

There are so many contraceptives, the regular ones and then the oral contraceptive. What about an anal contraceptive? It might help, I dunno for what though.

Niki is starting to turn pervy like the rest of us. Good girl. But I don't like it when she tries to sound clever.

Me: Whats a dangerous thing to happen to a woman while she is pregnant, other than a miscarriage?
Her: Erm....she can have sex and the penis might reach the baby and if the baby is female the baby might get pregnant?


No comment.....

HEhe..I think I'll eat now. I'm hungry. I just finished stuffing myself a couple of minutes ago though >.<

Ayan wants me to do a hair commercial. ::flips hair around:: My hair is too beautiful for the eyes of the trillions of hair products consumers.

Ayan? Come over sunday hmm? after your modelling thing. Bring Jack?

Guh..niki's coming over tommorow to do a project on AEROSMITH. Now how strange is that. DOing a project on Steven Tyler and his bandmates.

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